Method of setting the stone crusher outlet

Date: 5/5/2012 12:01:47 AM

The outlet adjusting range in product performance parameter table refers to the loose edge outlet. The longest distance between fixed jaw plate and the bottom of moving jaw plate is called loose edge outlet, usually refers to the directly measured distance in the process of jaw sledger downtime.

 stone crusher

Stone crusher outlet is the most important parameters of crusher, because it had decided the crusher ability and maximum size of the broken products. Therefore, every operator has to know how to measure crusher outlet.

The measurement method for European jaw sledger outlet has three kinds; they are depended on the jaw plate shape and the crusher type.

Crusher outlet must be measured in a strht line in the bottom of crushing cavity. Discharging mouth measurement must be far away from the worn parts. Unless we otherwise note, at all times should abide by the minimum outlet the crusher allowed. Don't obey these recommended may cause jaw plate use efficiency is low (high scrap rate) or shorten crusher life. In addition, in less than the minimum allowed outlet conditions the operation will make crusher guarantee is invalid. The largest size of mixed iron (reinforced, bucket tooth, etc) must be smaller than crusher tight edge outlet (the shortest distance between the fixed jaw plate and moving jaw plate bottom).

In the stone production line, there are a few mining equipment used in the line, including the vibrating screen, jaw crusher, impact crusher or cone crusher, vibrating screen, belt conveyor etc.

1. Vibrating feeder: The vibrating feeder is used to feed the massive, granular materials evenly and continuously from the silos into the jaw crusher, meanwhile, it also can pre-screen materials. This equipment is widely used in metallurgy, coal, beneficiation, building material, chemical industry, grinding, etc

2. Jaw crusher: Jaw sledgers used to crush the big size stones into smaller size. This process is called the primary crushing. Then the belt conveyor transfers the materials to the impact crusher or cone crusher, generally, we call it the secondary crushing.

3. After crushing, the materials will be transfer to the circular vibrating screen for different size of material screening. The layers of vibrating screen will depend on the kinds of final materials. And if part of materials doesn't match the size you want to getaway should transfer the materials back to the impact crusher for once again broken.

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