Artificial Sand Drives Sand Maker Green Production

Date: 4/13/2012 10:08:34 PM

The crushing and screening equipment manufacturer CME Machinery is a professional manufacturer of crushing machines and large-sized machine sand manufacturing machines and our company put forward strict environmental protection index aiming at equipment production at a very early time. During the whole production process, experts from our company require the design principle of long service life, low energy consumption, high efficiency and decreased weight of this machine in order to satisfy the requirements of green production and environmental protection.

Sand Maker Green Production

The main equipment involved in the sand manufacturing line include crushing machine, sand manufacturing machine, vibrating sieving equipment and sand washing devices. The artificial sand producing machine researched and developed by CME Machinery has many following advantages, it is a new type of medium and fine crushing equipment that is being researched and has been widely used for replacing the cone, roller crushing machine and ball grinding machines in the whole world. This device has many advantages such as novel and unique structure, stable and reliable operation, low energy consumption, high production capacity, high crushing ratio, small in size, easy and convenient operation and convenient installation and maintenance. The final products are cubic in the shape and high in the bulk density. In the production process, the stone materials are able to form a protectoral bottom layer so that the machine itself will be free from wear and tear so that it will have a lone service life. It is a ideal choice for artificial sand in the city construction process. Nowadays, green home appliances and green home furnishing are very popular, so it is now obvious that green has become a selling point of the manufacturers. “Appealing green life” has become the pursuit for life of people in the whole world and “green production” is a social responsibility that every one should shoulder.

In order to response to the call that our country is now beginning to build a energy saving, low carbon and environmentally friendly society, every industry is undergoing a round of green production and technology upgrading and equipment transformation is also undergoing like a raging fire. At present, many areas in every province are planning and building highways, railways and other transportation facilities for better and faster development of the economy. The demand for artificial sand, stone materials and cement in the market is also increasing significantly which creates a huge market for manufacturing companies of stone crushing lines and cement production line equipment. However, the concept of “environmental protection and low energy consumption” has become one of the factors that restrict the development of ore beneficiation equipment manufacturing companies and selecting the superior and eliminating the inferior is the survival competition law in the nature.

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