Super-large Crushers Guide Mine Industry to a New Direction

Date: 3/15/2012 2:42:35 PM

Nowadays the mining machinery market face several development points, the innovation of crushers is the frist question.After 2011 years of development, mining machinery industry were streaming out of more and more
manufacturers, a few small scale enterprise blindly chasing the crusher to imitate others equipment production.

jaw crusher

 With no guarantee based on product quality,more small enterprise have no core competitive power products .The long down, the enterprise will naturally submerged in the economy of the high development of the wave , and eventually out of the game.Therefore, Jaw Crushers enterprise want to develop better. it is necessary to have market core competitiveness and has its own unique products. The second is the crusher of large-scale product, the crusher equipment is large-scale since 2010 have toward large-scale to development.Some large refineries have a high requirements on production, big crushing ratio, high production capacity and high automation degree of crushing equipment more and more get more and more welcome of large manufacturers, so large and super large has become the latest development of the machinery industry direction.

By the end of 2011, CME research super huge PE1200 * 1500 after 3 months ,  it is the market demand and old customer feedback, meanwhile a leadership study decided to develop and put on the market.The main body and main engine are made of high qualified steel plate welding, this craft make machine processing and the manufacturing cost more diffcult.Of course it is complicated in installing process.which must use special lifting equipment. The models for the biggest partical for 1020 ㎜, discharging mouth can be adjusted between in the 150 range ㎜ and 300 ㎜.the output reaching 400 tons-800 tons, is a large mineral primary broken device of choice.Large crusher have some features:big rate crushing, production capacity and high degree of automation, simplify the process flow and easy management and so on , so it can able to satisfy the growing factory production scale, reduce production cost  and the energy consumption and improve labor productivity and economic benefit of need.

In 2012,CME actively explore new technology products crusher and build advanced research and development team.the reserch of PE1200*1500 large jaw crusher is not the end of our development, we will be accompanied by a constantly changing market demand and .adjust the development direction . in the customer time of greatest need to create the most urgent crusher equipment , to solve customer problems, to provide a comprehensive service.CME Will continue to open new hard struggle in the new yaer .