The Perfect Performance of Sand Washers and Sand Recovery Device

Date: 3/1/2014 3:51:15 PM

The sand washer has the ability to remove mud and dust from sand. The new type of sealing structure and the reliable driving device adopted by the sand washer guarantee the effective cleaning function. The sand washer has advantages of high reduction ratio, low energy and water consumption and low fine sand wasting. In the production line, the waste water discharged by the sand washer has contained much mud and fine sand which will easily cause the settling pond to block and cause the fine sand to run off. In this case, we can use the sand recovery device to collect the sand.

sand washer

The fine sand recovery device is used to reduce the waste of the fine sand. It can not only improve the product quality of the machine-made sand, but also increase the machine made sand production quantity, which will create considerable economic benefit. The sand recovery device will collect the waste sand through the wet production technology, thus making it a high efficient recycling device with the ability to increase the yield and reduce pollution.

At present, a lot of large scale construction projects and production lines are in need of much sand aggregate. The machine made sand has a wide range of applications in modern times. The new generation of sand recovery device can handle the waste water quickly and effectively in order to get fine sand and stone powder mixed in the waste water. The perfect combination of the sand recovery device and the sand washer prevents the environment pollution and low yield problems caused by the sand wasting. All this will lead to great economic profits for customers and will push the social economy forward.