Current Situation and Challenge of Domestic Vibrating Screen

Date: 1/11/2014 1:31:41 PM

Today, the advanced vibrating screen used in the coal washing industry has attracted customers’ attention by its characteristics of excellent performance, high technological requirement and complicated processing difficulty. Especially for those vibrating screens with the shining surface width over 3m. In modern times, quality vibrating screens are mostly applied in the following industries such as coal washing, mining and dressing for ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal, ferrous metal melting, electricity and thermal production, and construction.

vibrating screen

Vibrating screen is widely used to separate sticky and moist materials. China’s vibrating screen manufacturers are confronted with huge challenges from the current state-owned large and medium scale manufacturers and those screening machinery enterprises that have entered or will enter the domestic market. These manufacturers have advantages of advanced technology and rich business administration experience, which will greatly challenge China’s vibrating screen enterprises.

Vibrating screen is famous for its high requirement of the accuracy of manufacturing determined by the property of the coal. Different from metal minerals and materials applied in the steel mill, coal consists of irregular amount of water and mud with different particle sizes, so coal is not easy for the screening process.

Although at present the domestic market for vibrating screens is extending bigger and bigger, the performances of the products are quite different from each other and the industrial distribution is very dispersive. Among thousands of enterprises, there are only few ones can research and develop new products on their own and can manufacture high quality vibrating screens which is qualified enough for the industrial development.