How to Improve the Yield of Energy-saving Ball Mill?

Date: 12/30/2013 4:54:17 PM

In cement production process, the products produced by ball mill is much better than the that of produced by grinding mill. For example, coal ash processed by ball mill is round and smooth, while the cement produced by such coal mill is with high strength. In the international cement market, taking into account of both the cement process and quality requirements is necessary, at the same time, ball mill is the best choice for producing high quality cement in the cement production industry.

energy-saving ball mill

Energy-saving ball mill’s liner is used to protect the cylinder, so that the cylinder will not be directly impacted and rubbed by the grinding body and materials. At the same time, you can also use different forms of liners to adjust the state of the grinding media’s motion, for enhancing the grinding and crushing effect, increasing its productivity and reducing metal consumption.

Now, let's study the methods to improve the yield of ball mill. In general, there are three simple and direct ways to increase the output of ball mill: The first method is to set a fine crusher in front of the mill, so that the crushed materials can enter into the ball mill with reduced size, thereby reducing the load on the grinding system. The second way is to improve grinding system, and then improve grinding efficiency. The third method is to add a high-performance separator, to select the finished powder as many as it can.

If the condition permit, using these three methods together would be more effective, which will also be the design trend of grinding system both at home and abroad. Finally, let us sum up what relationships do these three methods have: using fine crusher before materials entering mill is a condition, using separator after grinding is a guarantee, and transforming the mill itself is the basic.