The Relationship between Crushing and Grinding in Ore Dressing

Date: 12/3/2013 5:05:45 PM

In ore dressing industry, when useful minerals are embedded in ores, in order to remove gangue from the ores and separate all kinds of useful minerals, the ores must be grinded into 0.1mm-0.3mm, sometimes even below 0.05mm-0.074mm. Fineness of grinding has a close relationship to beneficiation indexes. To some extent, the recovery rate of useful minerals is increasing with the decreasing of ore grinding fineness.

Therefore, an appropriate reduced ore grinding fineness can enhance the recovery rate of useful minerals and yield. Grinding power consumption accounted for more than 30% of total power consumption for concentrator. Therefore, ore grinding process occupies an important position in the mineral processing technology.

Since ancient times, crushing and grinding are inextricably related, and they closely and jointly improve concentrate grade and recovery rates in beneficiation process. Grinding process, in the mechanical equipment, with the help of media (steel balls, steel bars, gravel) and shocks and grinding of the ore itself, make further smaller ore granularity until grind into powder. The purpose of crushing and grinding is to maximum separate useful minerals and gangue mineral, and provides materials with granularity requirement meet the next dressing processes.

Ball mill grinding process is the maximum metal consumption and power consumption work in the ore dressing plant, so the investment in ball mill equipment also has a very high density. Thus, mineral processing equipment can improve the grinding efficiency and has great importance to plant, so it’s one of the important directions of development of mineral processing technology. Crusher is the indispensable device in grinding process, and the selection of high yield and energy-saving ball mill crusher is necessary in grinding operations.