Cement Industry Pushes the Development of Impact Crusher

Date: 10/29/2013 9:03:03 AM

In accordance with the relevant sector analysis and forecast on the development of China’s cement industry, with the construction and development of railroads industry, the demand for crusher is also increasing. Cement output will maintain a comparatively high growth, so environmental protection and governance continues has a lot of pressure. CME Machinery has committed to the research and developing of high efficient and energy-saving crushing equipment, and the jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, stone crusher, vibrating screen, and other crushing and screening equipment produced by CME have played an extremely important role in the cement production process.
impact crusher

As widely used inversed impact crusher in the construction, chemical and other fields, especially in the cement industry, its grain shape and integrated performance of finished product are far superior to the functional equivalent of other breaking equipment. This impact crusher not only is without key, which makes the equipment high strength as a whole, and with high efficiency, good safety performance, environmental protection and energy saving, easy to use, low maintenance and other advantages, so CME impact crusher alleviates the environmental management pressure of cement industry.

The counterattack plate adjustment system of inversed impact crusher is also the overload protection device of the crusher, to prevent equipment damage from foreign material or possible crushing blocks. In addition, this crusher also uses multilevel counterattack cavity so that it has enough crushing space, and suitable for crushing bulk materials. The counterattack plate angle can be adjusted in accordance with the requirements in order to effectively improve the efficiency, and the step-by-step crushing can effectively reduce the energy consumption in crushing process. Impact crusher parts have strong interchangeability, and impact crusher has less wearing parts, full crushing function, less dust emission and other advantages, which can effectively extend the life of the machine, in compliance with environmental standards. Thus it can be seen that the development of cement industry can push the development of impact crusher.