The Shining Points of CME Crushers in Design

Date: 9/2/2013 2:22:13 PM

Human being is the wisest of all creatures. The difference between human and animal lies in that people can make and use tools, and numerous mechanical products intensely embody the essence of human wisdom. Mining industry, as a well-known industry, provides people with the necessary energy and minerals and enriches people's life. China Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. has a history of more than 30 years in the field of mining machinery and has accumulated rich experience. Besides, it strives to employ more human wisdom on modest mining machinery.

jaw crusher

Sometimes, we need to get fine mineral powders, and then we will use ball mill or rod mill. Inside the ball mill, there are steel balls, the rotation and friction of which will get fine mineral powders. As for rod mill, iron rods are placed in the rotating barrel, and relatively fine mineral powders are achieved by the rolling and frication of iron rods. What is the difference between ball mill and rod mill? Originally, the feeding granularity of rod mill is more than 25 mm and the discharging granularity is about 0.1-0.8 mm, while the feeding granularity of ball mill is more than 20 mm, and the discharging granularity can be as low as 0.074-0.4 mm. Maybe some people may ask, why don’t you just use ball mill? No. Because excessive grinding wastes time and energy and sometimes it is not suitable, so that CME Machinery specially distinguishes ball mill and rod mill to meet different situations.

As another example, single-stage crusher has big crushing ratio and simple production procedure. It can simplify original two or three-stage crushing to one stage and crush large minerals to 5 mm for one time. The equipment is a new generation of highly efficient crusher by introducing advanced technology from Germany and on the basis of the independent optimization design and structure improvement of CME Machinery.

CME Machinery will use more human's wisdom in the production of mining machinery and make mining machinery perfect.