Current Sand Production Is Bound to Be the Darling of Investors

Date: 1/4/2013 10:49:15 PM

sand production line and stone production line

In the future years, the demand of industries such as domestic construction, bridge, water conservancy for construction aggregate and artificial sand continuously increases. The supply of gravel aggregate is confronted with huge gap with the market demand. Therefore, the investment for gravel aggregate is bound to be the favorite of various investors. The gravel aggregate industry itself is an industry with small investment and rapid effects. Taking advantages of the natural environment, investors are able to finish the basic production program with the combination of mining machines such as crushers, sand maker and screen.

According to the statics of customers from the China Mining Equipment, the investment for the sand production line and stone production line becomes more and more. A lot of small and medium sized investors began to put into production early after the earthquake. At present, most of the them start to expand production scale. Confronted with this situation, more investors are energetic than others. The broad market potential of sand production line will supply chances for the energetic businessman and investors. Since the State Council announced that the government would invest 4 trillion on the infrastructure construction, the social investment is driven. According to the southern weekend newspaper statistics, as of November and day, the 11 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government investment and is expected to drive the social investment, scale in more than 10 trillion, of which 6.5 trillion will be in the next three years to complete.