The Structure and Working Features of Rotary Separator

Date: 11/28/2012 12:57:13 AM

Rotary separator is mainly made up of transmission system, grading device, feeding decentralized structure and cleaning device. Rotary separator is mainly applied in the ore beneficiation plant as the gravity classifying machine. Therefore, it is also called density separators and screw separator.

density separators

The Structure of Density Separators

The density separators can be composed of pulp distributer, newel, spiral chute and product interception unit and so on.

The Classifying Principle of Screw Separator

The pulp is fed into the spiral chute through distributer. During the motor process in which the mineral particle moves, the sedimentation rate of heavy mineral accelerates and heavy mineral sinks to the bottom of water flow. However, the light mineral floats in the upper layer of water flow. And then, the heavy mineral and light mineral expand along landscape orientation. The sunken heavy mineral moves towards the inner side along spiral line. The floating mineral moves towards the intermediate partial external area along spiral line. The mineral with different density moves along each gyration radius. However, the light mineral evenly ranks from the external side to the inner side. At last, the separation process is finished successfully.

The Advantages of Rotary Separator

Most screw graders can be widely applied in the separating working in coarse coal separating plants. Screw separation machine features high separation precision, small occupation area and large processing capability. In particular, because there is no moving parts itself, so medium and agentia can be saved. In addition, this kind of machine is favored by most producers due to its convenient operation, small maintenance amounts, low processing cost.

The Factors Affecting the sedimentation of Spiral Classifier

The working principle of spiral classifier is to depend on the theory that solid mineral with different sizes and proportions is different in the sedimentation rate in the liquid. We can see that the major factor affecting the classification efficiency of akinsclassifier is the sedimentation of mineral. There are two kinds of sedimentations in the medium, namely free sedimentation and hindered sedimentation. There are a lot of factors affecting the sedimentation in the process of mineral sedimentation, such as pulp density, buoyancy and so on.

How to Improve the Efficiency of Spiral Washer

1) In the condition that the ore flow is certain, the efficiency can be improved by adjusting the mineral feeding density.
2)The ore feeding flow is the important factor that affects the processing ability of spiral washer. The larger the ore feeding flow is, the larger processing capability will become. However, the separation efficiency will be reduced if ore feeding flow is increased blindly.
3) The size of the separation area is the decisive factor that affects the processing amount and separation particle.

4) Weir height is also the essential factor that affects the separation area. When other conditions are changeless, the separation efficiency can be increased if the weir height is increased.