Impact Crusher

Date: 11/12/2012 6:26:00 PM

Impactor Crusher

The impact crusher is the commonly seen impactor equipment in mining industry in stone crushing line and sand making line. It is also called impact pulverizer or impactor breaker.

Impactor Crusher

Working principle

The impactor crusher, also called counterattack impact crusher, crushes stones under the impact force produced by the impellers, so it is also called impact rotary crusher.
The triangle belt drives the motor in high-speed rotation. When the material enters into the function area of the hammer plate, it will crush with the hammer on the rotor for crushing, and then is thrown to counterattack plate to be crushed again, and then rebounds to plate hammer for second-time crushing. This process repeats until the material is broken to required size and is discharged from the outlet.

The Characteristics

The impactor crusher can deal with material with side length of one hundred to five hundred mm with compressive strength of three hundred and fifty million Mpa. It features low energy consumption, high crushing ratio, simple structure, convenient maintenance, and strong stability, and it is especially suitable for brittle material with medium hardness. Its main types are: 1315 type, 1520 type, single cavity, double cavity and three cavity types.

The Application in Mining

The crusher for mining is called rock impact crusher or stone impact crusher. In stone production, the hard rock crushing machine is the inseparable equipment. It is named hard rock impact crusher or impact stone breaker when crushing granite, marble and limestone with medium hardness.

Coal Impact Crusher

The crusher is called coal impact crusher or impact coal mining equipment in coal mining. The original coal seam will be broken into large blocks after blasting. The blocks are then transported to coal impact crusher for crushing and will leave factory.