Mining equipment and mining industry

Date: 11/9/2012 1:54:13 AM

What is mining?

Mining is the process in which mineral ore or stone is exploited from the mines by mining machine or extraction equipment. The to-be-mined ore includes special stone such as mineral ore and common stone.

mining machine

In broad terms, ore mining also covers coal and petroleum mining. Mining industry is a vital primary industry. Metallic mineral is considered as the major raw material for metallurgy industry. Non-metallic ore is the momentous chemical material and building material. Mining industry is the significant raw material mining industry, for example, metallic mineral is the staple material of metallurgy industry; non-metallic ore is the momentous chemical materials and building material; coal and petroleum are the crucial energy source. Most ores can be used as industry materials unless they are gathered through ore beneficiation.

The ore mining process includes: ore crushing-ore transportation-ore screening. The commonly used crushing machine includes mining crusher. The frequently-used machines in ore transportation contain blet type conveyor and ore elevator machine. The indispensable machine in the ore screening process is the mining sieve.  

The stone mining process 

Ore mining is the affair, occupation or action to exploit stone, marble and slate from quarry. The ore mining process adopting mechanical method is divided into opencast working and underground mining. Open pit mine exploited by large scale quarry equipment features high security, low production cost and high efficiency. The necessary equipment includes basalt mining, limestone machinery and other quarry machines and so on.

Common ore mining machines

Ore mining exists since ancient times. The traditional ore mining machine is quite simple and crude, for example, black powder was early used in the ore mining industry. At present, the growing ore mining technology leads to the constant renewal and replacement of large-sized ore mining machine. Since 1950s, due to the fact that computer automatic control system was adopted in the ore mining operation, large-scale crushing equipment, belt conveyor, grinding equipment and advanced ore beneficiation equipment urged the ore mining industry to develop forward at an extremely high speed.