CME Machinery Strives for Bellwether in Ore and Cement Industry

Date: 11/1/2012 6:15:33 PM

Ball mill plays a wide role no matter in chemical industry or in mining, building, metallurgy and coal industry. At present, ball mill accounts for 70% of the whole industry.

Ball mill

There are numerous ball mill manufacturers in China and various kinds of ball mills. Nowadays, the ball mill includes: cone ball mill, energy saving ball mill, dry type ball mill, wet type ball mill, ceramics ball mill and tube type ball mill. The latest product launched by CME Machinery is ball mill with supporting roller and energy conservation. Now the ball mill undergoes constant transformation and innovation.

However, cone ball mill is the oldest ball mill in history no matter in sand production line or in ore beneficiation. Cone ball mill is the essential equipment in sand production line and ore beneficiation line. It is also the commonly used machine in ore beneficiation line. Customers enjoy great convenience because the original structure is changed to make the rack and underframe integrated with each other.

No matter in sand production line or in ore mining plant, CME Machinery is quite popular in these fields. In particular, cement is the raw material in cement production line. Among various ball mills, CME ball mill becomes the one of the primary machines for cement plant and ore beneficiation plant.