CME Grinding Machine Helps Your Dream Come True

Date: 10/30/2012 12:33:53 AM

Crushing and grinding are the key links in the mineral processing. In the whole ore mineral processing, the equipment investment, electricity consumption and occupation place account for large proportions. Crushing and grinding workmanship is a systematic engineering. In particular, the two grinding and one combustion principles in cement production, namely 3~4 tons materials are needed to be crushed in order to produce 1 ton cement.

Crushing and grinding

The electricity consumption used in the crushing process takes up 60%~70% of the total. With the increasing of various fields such as high-speed highway, railway and urban construction for gravel aggregate, limestone flour and calcite in powder are extremely needed by metallurgy, chemical, building material and ceramic. CME Machinery provides the following suggestions: if the granularity of the crushed rock can reach 10~15mm, the crushed ore can be directly sent into grinder to be grinded. On the contrary, the crushed rock should be sent into jaw crusher or impact crusher to be further crushed.

Generally speaking, there are a large amount of clay in mineral rock as well as water and mud. Washer and beneficiation machines are directly added by customers. Thus the procedure becomes more complex, economic investment becomes larger and it is also adverse for the large scale quarry and ore beneficiation plant. Consequently, there are profound importance to realize the high quality, high yield, low consumption, safety and cleanness in crushing and grinding industry.

In the latest twenties years, CME Machinery constantly develops new technology and equipment with unique structure. Finally, a series of new type machines with high efficiency and energy conservation are developed. The improved machines are reliable in performance, high in efficiency and durable. Therefore, obvious results can be reached in order to promote the development of mineral beneficiation.