Inspection of Sand Machine before Leaving Factory

Date: 10/22/2012 6:03:09 PM

Generally, before sand machine leaves factory, manufacturers will do some 8-hour test run to ensure the normal operation and save unnecessary trouble after packaging and delivery. The following is the method used in test run.

Inspection of Sand Machine before Leaving Factory

Idle Running Test

At least two hours of continuous operation should be carried out in the idle running test with temperature of bearing not over 30 ℃. The overall rotation should be smooth without abnormal noise. This is to ensure that the sand maker is fault-free.

Load Running Test

Load running can only be conducted on the basis of sound idle running. 8-hour continuous running must be kept to test whether the finished product particle size and the capacity can meet the standard. Similarly, the temperature of bearing cannot surpass 35℃. Stable performance, severe vibration, sealing performance and leakage phenomenon are included in the load running.