The Influence of Grinding Material on Ball Mill Production Capacity

Date: 10/20/2012 7:49:36 PM

In what aspects does the grinding material influence ball mill production capacity? Here is a brief description of the effect of fragility, granularity and feeding condition of grinding material respectively on ball mill productivity. The ultimate aim is to help ball mill users adjust the equipment according to concrete conditions.

Ball Mill

On the Part of Material


The more fragile the material is, the easier the grinding will be, resulting into higher productivity and vice versa.


If the granularity is big, more steel balls have to be loaded in the first silo of the ball mill to achieve the purpose of crushing. To a certain extent, the first silo functions as a crusher, which is improper in the whole grinding process, because the crushing efficiency of the first silo is much lower compared with crusher. Consequently, to reduce the granularity of grinding material can lower the energy consumption.

Feeding Condition

Even and proper feeding can enhance the ball mill production capacity. Too much or too little feeding can only harm the efficiency. Too little feeding can result into the unnecessary impacting among grinding media, which is useless work. Whereas, too much feeding cannot give the impacting force full play. 
All gnosis comes from subtleties. Starting from the grinding material, if users adjust the complete production capacity of ball mill by combining other conditions, they can achieve amazing results.