Reason Analysis that Jaw Crusher cannot Reach Ideal State

Date: 9/9/2012 10:48:39 PM

The reasons that the output of jaw crusher cannot meet the factory standard:

jaw crusher

Possible reasons:
1) The hardness or toughness of to-be-crushed material surpasses the defined limit of operating instruction;
2) The wiring position of electromotor is connected in opposite direction; movable jaw rotates clockwise;
3) Discharging port is smaller than the regular limitation;
4) Jaw plate shifts when the addendum is against addendum;
5) The power in working site is extremely low;
6) The gap between movable jaw and bearing is excessively large that the surrounding circle of bearing moves accordingly.
Exclusion methods:
1) Replace or increase crusher;
2) Replace or adjust the wiring of electromotor;
3) Discharging port should be adjusted to the standard required by instruction book and the fine crusher should be increased;
4) The power of working site should be adjusted to higher data in order to adapt to the heavy load demand of main body;
5) Replace bearing or movable jaw.

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