Turning Processed Wastes and Tailings into Treasure

Date: 8/16/2012 11:08:14 PM

Waste, tailing can be seen everywhere in the large mines, it refers to the waste which is processed after the ore exploited in the large mines. But that only limits with the original technical conditions. The new crushers of CME, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and hammer crusher etc. rectify these misplaced resources and turn them into high quality, high-priced engineering materials.

In general, tailings is the ore mined in the metal or nonmetal mines, and the 'residue' discharged by the concentrator after electing the concentrates refers to the ore which is not suitable for further sorting in the current economic and technical conditions. As a rule, mine production and mineral processing companies must build corresponding scale tailing pond. However, with the enterprise production progress speeds up, tailings production is more and more; thus, the number of tailing pond is also rising. As the country increases environmental protection efforts and the philosophy of environmental protection continue to be deeply rooted, how to properly handle the tailings produced in the process of mineral resources development and then realize the comprehensive utilization of resources are the primary issues which the mining enterprises should first consider. With the development of production technology, it is clear that the tailings is not completely useless, on the contrary, the tailings is often contains the components that can be used for other purposes and then realize comprehensive utilization.

Our country is rich in resources, developing and utilizing the tailings accumulated in long time not only can change the environment but also improve economic benefit. The comprehensive utilization and changing 'waste' into valuable are both trend and prospects. Turning tailings into construction materials embarks on the road of recycling waste materials and then comprehensive utilization. In the broad prospects of the tailings recovery, CME will actively provide you with complete set of sand production line and help you to open up more wealth