What Lead the Pendulous Crusher Price

Date: 8/14/2012 5:39:44 PM

There are many factors that affect the price of crusher, such as iron price, mineral price, construction material price, and even the housing price, eventually which affect the quotation of the crusher. At present, the crusher price is affected mainly by dynamic steel and market. According to the data, the steel stock market phenomenon is very serious, and the market mentality is realized, which both decide the crusher price.

Impact crusher

1.The dynamic steel market.

The rebound of steel price and the abundant capital in the market pushed the steel price high directly. In order to earn money, new coming capital strengthened the prediction for rising market, which made the trend of steel stock market more serious and eventually led the mode change of steel trade operation.

2.Without confidence to the market.

Last year, mostly traders and steel plants kept seeking proper profits. So the traders with large amount of stockpile is fewer, so that the traders who seek the potential demand of the market and provide the instant service to make proper profits are more. Because there are no big changes in main supply and demand, the condition keeps moving on by the market prediction.

The trend of steel iron industry can change the price construction of mineral crushing equipement (Jaw crusher, Cone crusher, Impact crusher, etc.). With the rising steel price, the market turnover shrinks, and the future market price trend is not bright. Therefore in the future, the crusher price will go up affected by the steel price. Of course, the factors are various and changeable. It's better to get more and newer price information for purchasing crushers.