Sand Maker Goes all out the Shanghai Subway Construction

Date: 8/12/2012 6:59:49 PM

With the rapid development of Shanghai city, a series of problems have emerged, such as population density, big road traffic pressure and so on, which have severely affected the continued development of the city. Traffic congestion, which brings us a great deal of distress to our travel, seriously affects our mood and even the quality of our life. What's more, the traffic accidents even let some families lose their beloved people, caught in a sad predicament, and cast a shadow. In 2001, after the research, the Shanghai related authorities decided to build the subway. The good news is really exciting. I believe that after the completion of the subway, the people's life will be more convenient.

In the process of the subway construction, it cannot avoid using the building sand, and then the sand making equipment comes in handy and plays skills. Henan CME roots in Shanghai, in line with historical mission and responsibility of returning to the society, CME sand makers would like to contribute their own force to the subway construction of Shanghai.

The facts have proved that the artificial sand more ensures the construction quality than the natural sand. The advent of the sand maker is in line with the mission of bringing more qualified gravel aggregate to the construction industry. We know very well that the subway construction is to serve the people, the country, and does not allow any slack. Therefore, CME will seriously consider and starts from itself. We manufacture high-quality sand maker, and we always adheres to the strict selection of each component, response for every working procedure, every machine and every client, and dedicate to the subway construction service. In the future, CME will constantly improve the performance and quality of the sand maker, enhance its core competitiveness and strive to make its own contribution to national and social progress.

We firmly believe that with the accession of the CME, the Shanghai subway construction will be smoother.