Mining Industry Adheres to Green Low-carbon Development

Date: 8/9/2012 10:41:10 PM
It's obvious that China's industry is rapidly development in the worldwide. Jaw crusher plays a significant role and therefore the crushing industry has become the successful model of China's industrial areas. Now the crushing industry has developed in the directions of energy-saving, environmental protection and low-carbon.

According to the statistics, China produces more than 100 million tons of a variety of solid wastes every year, such as coal gangue, fly ash, construction waste, metallurgical and chemical residue etc. and the accumulated heap of stock has reached several billion tons. In order to improve the comprehensive utilization of resources, China has strongly advocated turning waste into treasure, improving resource utilization and developing recycling economy which not only solves the problems of waste of the discard resources and pollution but also improves the environmental conditions and in line with the majority of the people's vital interests and national development strategies.
In face of the coming peak change and upgrade of the building materials industry, the demand for the environmentally friendly building materials market is particularly strong. China Mining Equipment Co., Ltd adheres to global development strategic thinking, regards quality and service as the most important company's operation concept, meets the customer demand as its tenet and provides high quality products and services as its mission. The company put forward the working philosophy of accessories satisfaction enhancement namely service satisfaction enhancement; service satisfaction enhancement namely customer loyalty enhancement; customer loyalty enhancement namely the possession of market enhancement. CME relentless pursuit is to guarantee the supply of the spare parts and improve customer satisfaction. In the future, CME will reduce the waste and stack of the materials in the construction site and always adhere to the green low-carton development path and make more contributions to the China's economic development.