Shoulder the Responsibility of Mining Machinery Development

Date: 7/31/2012 1:26:51 AM

Mining machinery consists of a wide variety of industrial equipment which is characterized by complex structure, large demand and wide applications.

Mining machinery

According to different uses, mining machinery can roughly be divided into digging equipment, lifting equipment, narrow rail transport equipment, crushing and grinding equipment, mineral screening equipment, washing and selection equipment, drying equipment, etc. Mining machinery is usually used in the department of energy, transportation and raw material. Its major task is mining and doing in-depth processing in coal, steel, non-ferrous metals, chemical and nuclear Industry. Meanwhile, it can provide advanced and high efficient equipment for the construction of railway, highway and other large-scale projects.

As a manufacturer of mining machinery, CME Mining Machinery Co., Ltd is now at the leading level in industrial milling, stone crushing as well as sand making. In accordance with the conventional thinking, after the establishment, CME Machinery will be committed to producing grinding machines such as Raymond mill as the surrounding environment is rather favorable. Through one year development, CME grinding equipment obtains an immense market share. However, in 2008, CME Machinery grew up truly and achieved independence after reform. The company expanded its production including crushing equipment (jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher), sand making equipment (sand maker, sand washer, vibrating screen), and stone production plant.

As a pillar industry in national economy, mining machinery plays a crucial role in economic growth, the advance of science and technology, and the progress of our society. With the development of mining machinery industry, CME Company is also flourishing with sufficient manpower, material and financial resources input. For further development and improvement, CME Machinery has established an international sales center which benefits from the geographical advantages of Henan Province. Counting on this center, CME Company will display its products to people from all over the world. Only by doing this can CME gain the necessary funds and reputation. In addition, CME R & D team has gained plenty of achievements with a number of patents and core technologies.

Mining machinery has been given priority in national economy because of its pillar position in infrastructure construction. Knowing this, CME Company will keep pace with the development of mining machinery industry. In the next five years, CME company will insist on direct marketing, take participation in international market development and competition, achieve bulk and large-scale production and meet our customers' different production needs so as to expand our competitive edge. At the same time, CME is striving to build a technical comprehensive and well managed after-sale service team which fully support our marketing strategy and brand building. In a world, CME is duty-bound to shoulder the responsibility of mining machinery future development.