Classification of Open-air Mining Crushing Equipment

Date: 7/20/2012 5:24:38 PM

Currently, the technology optimizing and cost reducing have been advanced constantly in both domestic and abroad open-air mining crushing equipment. According to the fixing degree between the crushing equipment and the foundation, the open-air mining crushing station can be divided into mobile type, mid-mobile type, mid-fix type, fix type.

Mobile crushing station

1.Mobile crushing station

The mobile crushing station is generally a facility combined the feeding, crushing and conveying together, with the crawler-type or rubber-tyred running that can adjust the position according to the working face. Since the crushing equipment is a trine facility and the constant conveying equipment is the belt conveyor, the applying limit of mobile station mainly is the large-scale open-air mining, which is suitable for the large and constant exploiting craft.

2.Mid-mobile type crushing station

The mid-mobile type station puts the airframe on a proper open-air working level. With the boosting and deepening working steps of the working steps, the dragging equipment migrates the crusher entirely or partly. The mid-mobile type station mainly consists of feeding equipment, crushing equipment, unloading equipment and so on.

The most distinctive characteristic of the mid-mobile station is the basic connection with the ground without concrete. The life of the station can last from several months to several years, with the transition time not more than 48h. The mid-mobile type station is always set on the working pit edge of the stope, with the haul distance of the ores smaller than 3km. After the stages of the stope is expanded to a proper haul distance and climbing height, the next movement is taken place. Since the weight and the height of this type mobile crushing station, the feeding part is always set above the crushing equipment.

3.Mid-fix type crushing station

The mid-fix type crushing station is a transition between the mid-mobile crushing station and the fix type crushing station, with the hard connection between the frame and the ground. From the view of the decorating position, the station should be fixed on the fixed stope. The frequency of the movement should be reduced to increase the using period. During the movement of this type of crushing station, only the devices linked to the foundation with the bolts can be dismantled and reused, while the foundation buried under the ground should be abandoned.

4.Fix-type crushing station

The fix type crushing station is usually set outside the stope, without the influence of the expanding and boosting of the stages in the stope. This type crushing station is fixed tightly with the ground, with various feeding manners such as unloading from the bus directly or feeding from the ore drawing device through the buffering bunker. The fix-type station is always set in the crushing workshop of the ores dressing factory. The largest disadvantage of it is the long haul distance and unsuitable adjustment.

Nowadays, the optimization of craft and the reduction of cost in the domestic outdoor coal mine have been improved constantly, especially for the application of the various types of crushing station.