Daily Maintenance Techniques of Dryer

Date: 7/20/2012 5:22:14 PM

During the daily operation of dryers, some problems cannot be avoided. Actually, as we grasp the maintenance technique, these small problems can be solved easily. Here, experts in China Mining Equipment Co., Ltd will introduce some commonly used methods of eliminating the faults of dryers.


The first common problem is that the materials after being dried cannot meet the requirements. To solve this problem, the productive capacity of the dryer should be controlled firstly, and then reduce or increase the supplying heat.

The second common problem is the swing of the rolling ring to the cylinder. The reason of this phenomenon is that the side of spill joint in the rolling ring is not tight. Thus, it needs to be tightened. But over-tight joint can lead to an accident.

The third problem is the damage of the gap between the big gears and the small gears. There are three reasons of this phenomenon: the abrasion of the riding wheel, the abrasion of the catch wheel, the abrasion of small gears. To solve this problem, the analysis of the degree of abrasion should be made firstly. If serious, the components should be changed. If not, only turning or installing it reversely is available. To avoid the instability, some new ones can be changed.

The last common problem is the vibrating of the cylinder of the dryer. The reasons of this problem are: the damage of the gap between the riding wheel device and the foundation; the abrasion side of the rolling ring. For the first situation, some correction and reinforce techniques are available. For the second situation, according to the degrees of abrasion, different measures should be taken. If necessary, the components should be changed. Otherwise, the turnery is available.