The Energy Saving Principle of Multi-cylinder Ball Mill

Date: 7/18/2012 5:29:25 PM

The multi-cylinder ball mill belongs to the new type grinding equipment, whose remarkable feature is energy conservation. It can save half the energy consumption compared with the common ball mills.

ball mill

The main difference between the multi-cylinder ball mill and the ordinary ball mill lies in the multiple small cylinders along the circumference. Grinding media are installed relatively scattered in each cylinder. Since the eccentricity of the multi-cylinder is much smaller during operation, it has greater potential for energy efficiency.

A series of researches on the multi-cylinder ball mill have been carried out.In addition,intermittent or continuous contrast tests with different materials and processes on multi-cylinders of different diameters and mono-cylinder have been conducted. It is shown that the priority of the multi-cylinder has displayed itself sufficiently in the fine grinding stage, improving the efficiency by one time. There is not much difference in the grinding principle. However, product features and abrasion property are much better than the common ball mill. The process trial is carried out on the basis of this, and outstanding effect has been achieved.The process flow is very simple, the operation convenient, manufacturing easy. Therefore, the prospect is inestimable.