The Built-in Problems in the Development of Crushing Machine

Date: 7/12/2012 1:09:31 AM

With the rapid development in recent years, the intensity of crusher market competition will have certain impacts on the development of crusher; the continuous exchanges of international trade have great impacts on the acceleration the pace of crusher industry. So, why does this problem exist in the current crusher market? Next moment, we will learn the existing problems along with CME Machinery which is the professional crusher manufacturer.

Crushing Machine

At the moment, it is still insufficient in domestic crushing machine manufacturing experience. There are two aspects:

1. The comprehensive manufacturing experience is insufficient. most enterprises hardly invest the scientific research and new product development

2. The downturn of world economy. There has been less buying power in each trade, in this case, it is quite difficulty to devote more energy to the research and development for enterprises.

The current crusher industry has gone through the extensive development stage depending on an advantage of low labor cost and sacing environment. Henan CME adopts international standards and technical requirements by means of high quality and huge volume. Generally, the weight of PE series of jaw crusher is about 4 tons; if you equip the whole set of equipment, the whole weight will be more than 6 tons. Jaw crusher adopts the latest computer automation technology, by which you can install computer-control system and screen displaying system indoor. It will save a lot of human cost to use computer to control the equipment.