Approaches to Improve the Performance of Crushing Machine

Date: 7/9/2012 5:35:51 PM

With the rapid development of highway construction cause, mechanical construction is overwhelmingly dominant in the road construction. The pros and cons of the performance of crushing machine greatly restrict the quality, progress and cost of the highway project. During the usage of the mechanical equipment, the pros and cons of the mechanical equipment is directly influenced by the three factors: human being, machine and environment. In order to improve the performance of mechanical equipment, you have to strengthen the management of the human being, machine and environment.

crushing machine

The fundamental way for improving the performance of crushing machine is to strengthen the humanity management. Since the constant development of the scientific technology and the extensive usage of the new technology, new material and new process, the demands for the mechanical operators is relatively higher because of its various function and complicated structure. Therefore, it is essential to enhance the skills training of operating personnel in order to make them master the principle, performance, composition and operating skills and grasp the abilities of faster fault diagnosis and maintenance skills.

The excellent technical merit of operators create good economic benefits for enterprise by means of greatly improving the utilization and perfectness ratio of the mechanical equipment, which avoids the mechanical damages caused by the personal factors, and shorten the time to repair and maintenance cycle. In addition, working attitudes, work motivation and sense of responsibility have a great impact on the machine's performance. A qualified operator should have strong sense of duty and honor of his profession, set his right position, love his job, obey the administration and designation of the leadership and faithfully implement safety regulations for operations.

Consequently, strengthening the quality-oriented education and training of operators and improving the responsibility of operators contribute to the effective improvement of the work enthusiasm and initiative. At last, you can achieve good economic benefits by means of improving the utilization and perfectness ratio.