Technological Achievements Promote the Development of CME Jaw Crusher

Date: 7/8/2012 7:42:48 PM

There are various kinds of crushers: jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, vertical impact crusher, high efficiency and fine crusher, hammer crusher. Although name is just a code, crushers with different names have different functions. With the progress of times and social development, China's crusher in mining industry has also changed rapidly. The crushing material of crusher including: granite, basalt, cobblestone, limestone. There are large size and small size, of which large-size stone crusher is one of the symbols.

large-size crushing machine

The development of new equipment will constantly integrate the achievement of human being in all fields. With the progress of the material science, manufacturing engineering, information technology, computer, new technology will be injected into each round product; update cycle of the components is become shorter and shorter; updating time of the new equipment is faster and faster. Especially for the development of the large-size mining machine, there is no mature experience to imitate and any mistakes are not allowed in the design. Therefore, only by means of the integration in the various scientific technologies, we can improve the design efficiency and design quality in order to enhance the independent innovation capability and market competitiveness. It is quite difficult to gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition especially for the crusher manufacturer in Henan. Henan is the settlement of construction machine and mining machine, there are thousands of the crusher manufacturer regardless of their size. In order to make a breakthrough out of the competition in the market, products have to be innovative and transformed.

The large size jaw crusher came into being due to the market needs. It is obvious that the production capacity of large size jaw crusher is quite high in mining equipment. The crusher with high ore throughput is generally used in the crushing of the large size ore and coal preparation plant. At present, there are few manufacturers to produce jaw crusher 900×1200, let alone a 1200×1500 jaw crusher. Through vigorous technical inspection, advanced processing technology and a number of experimental identification, Henan CME introduces the extra large PE1200*1500 jaw crusher which is for the market demands of the large-size crushing machine.