The Development Needs of Fine Grinding Machine

Date: 7/6/2012 1:16:49 AM

With the increasing demand for ultrafine material in modern industry and high quality, new ultrafine grinding machine and technology emerge constantly. At present, in many industrial sectors, it is necessary to grind the solid mineral to tens of microns or even to a few microns.

ultrafine grinding machine

Such quite fine and ultra-fine products granularities need the application of conventional cylinder-shaped ball mill. This method will not only lead to the high consumption of grinding ore process and steel but also result in the low grinding ore efficiency.

There are two major reasons for the general existing of grinding ore. Firstly, the rapid increase of some raw material price, that is to say many industries are looking for the mineral filler which can be used in the initial ingredients without reducing its original characteristics. Secondly, the constant development of synthetic material, that is to say the technical requirements to synthetic material are increasingly strict. Generally speaking, the finer of the ore is grinded, the more ore will be mixed into the initial ingredient.

China Mining Equipment is the professional grinding machine manufacturer, the fine grinding machine and ultrafine grinding machine mainly has the following kinds: centrifugal mill, planet grinding machine, vibrating mill, stirred mill, raymond mill, jet milling and high-speed mechanical impact type mill. They are widely used in the building material, cement, chemical and powder industry and play significant role in grinding craft.