Characteristics of CME FG-24 Type Classifier

Date: 7/3/2012 12:00:06 AM

So far, the CME FG-24 type classifier set has widely used into many companies in both domestic and abroad. The practice shows that the FG-24 type classifier can be used to classify and process all kinds of materials including abrasive, calcite, talc, limestone, graphite, quartz, diatomite, chemical raw materials (toner, additives, phosphor, dyes, pigments, silica gel), ceramic powder, medicine, pesticide, glass powder and so on.


Characteristics of CME FG-24 Type Classifier

The connecting manner of the engine in the classifier is direct attached, whose structure is more concise than that of the belt conveyor.

The working manner of the engine in the classifier is negative pressure working. Thus, there is nearly no dust leakage, with little vibrating and low noise during the working of the device. Therefore, it won't do harm to the environment.

During the working process, the movement of the gas in the box of the classifier. The gas gets from the first and second air intake along the tangent direction forms the eddy rotating movement. Through the affects of the guide vane, the air flow in the classifier is even and steady. With the help of the classifying vane, the air flow present can rotate steadily, which create the proper condition for the classifying of the particles.

The components and places touching the inner of the classifier are inlaid with the high-strength anti-friction materials. The normal check just includes the drop of the anti-friction materials, the break of the vanes, the quantity of the oil, and preventing the air getting into the aperture and the sew of the enclosure or the dropping of the sundries from the input port.

The efficiency of the classifying is very high. Since the even air in the grading room, the large ratio of the gas and the materials, and the steady air flow. the classifying can be finished successfully.