Correct Operational Methods of Raymond Pulverizer

Date: 6/28/2012 7:40:40 PM

Raymond mill is one of the most commonly- used mill which is widely used in all kinds of preparation of mineral powders and coal powders such as the processing of material ores and gypsum mine. According to the requirements of different materials, different particle fineness and different production output, the Raymond mill can be divided into 3 series, namely high pressure Raymond mill, high pressure overhang roll mill and ordinary Raymond mill.

Raymond mill

During the using process, some problems must be paid attention to in order to ensure the normal use, safe production and constantly high production ratio. Thus, the Equipment Maintenance and Safe Operation Regulation should be formulated and implemented, and at the same time necessary checking tool and the lubricating grease and other homologous parts should also be equipped.
After the grinder roll device is used for about 500 hours, it should be changed and updated. Then, the rolling bearings must be cleaned and the broken parts must be changed. The manual operating gasoline pump and the grease gun can be used as fueling vehicles.
During the using process, professional workers must be around in order to watch the operation of the machine. The operators must know some technologies about the Raymond mill. Before the installation, the operators should be trained to know more about the principle and performance.
After a period time of using, the Raymond mill should be checked. At the same time, the quick-wearing parts such as the grinding roll, ring, and relieving knife should be checked and changed. The connecting bolts and nuts of grinding roll device as well as the lubricating grease should be examined carefully both before and after using.