Working Principle, Formation and Merits of Stone Production Line

Date: 6/26/2012 5:20:29 PM

The stone production line has wide application in the mining, and its performance has reached the internationally advanced level and it is a practical and reliable rock crushing machine, and it is one of the sand and stone machines that is widely used for manufacturing building sand in the sand and stone industry. This production line is mainly used for processing and crushing the feldspar, quartz and mineral ores, and in addition, it is also suitable for manufacturing abrasion-resisting materials and refractory matters. It is a highly efficient and energy-saving rock crushing and sand making machine and it is able to save 50% of energy compared with the traditional sand maker and it is the most advanced sand making equipment in the world so far.

stone production line

The working principle of the stone production line: the cylinder of the rod mill sand maker rotates at a certain speed, the grinding media will go up to a certain height and fall down under the effect of the friction and the eccentric force so that the materials will be impacted and ground so that the goal of sand making will be reached.

The structure of this production line: the stone production line is made up of material feeding part, material discharging part, rotary part and driving part.

Advantages of the stone production line:

(1) Save motive power. Compared with the old type equipment, this production line is able to save motive power more than 40%.

(2) The machine adopts advanced controllable material feeding and discharging ball grinder technology, and combining with the actual grinding materials of the customers, it can be equipped with proper grinding media, and it changes the traditional face touch of the ball mill into line touch so that the granularity of the final products of the sand maker is more even and the output is higher.

(3) The fineness of the materials discharged can be adjusted. Through simple adjustment, the granularity of the final products can be changed.

(4) As for the rod mill, there are two types of dry type and wet type that can be chosen from and the customers can choose according to their own condition. In addition to the equipment, the mechanical sand making production line equipment also has VSI new sand maker, PCL sand maker, impact sand maker and combined sand maker and these types of equipment can be bought from CME so that the quality of the artificial sand making production line can be ensured.

Installation of the stone production line:

(1) The stone production line is installed on the concrete foundation or steel structure foundation which should be able to sustain four times of the weight of the whole machine.

(2) According to different working site of the crushers, it can be installed inside the plant or in the open air. When installing the machines, the workers should adjust the crusher so that the main axis is vertical to the horizontal plane.

(3) On the rod type sand maker, there should be equipped with crane equipment, and the hoisting ability should be considered according to the weight of the crusher. In addition, there should be left hoisting space on the sand maker and on the one side of the machine for examination and repair.