Eight Tips Help to Extend the Service Life of Sand Maker

Date: 6/21/2012 5:16:05 PM

As a man, being alive is the premise of creating value. Likewise, as for the sand maker equipment, being able to working in a normal state is the premise of creating value. Only by extending the service life of sand maker machine as long as possible can it be able to create more value. The question is how to make it work for a longer time? Then CME Machinery will help you with this.

sand maker

At present, the topic of prolonging the service life of the sand maker concerns every mining machinery manufacturing company. There are eight tips that can help to prolong the service life of sand maker.

(1) Before starting sand maker, the workers should check the whirling motion chamber observe door is tightly closed in order to prevent the materials from bursting out of the door.

(2) Check the rotation direction of the impeller from the direction of the material feeding mouth of the sand maker. The impeller should rotate at the counter-clockwise direction; otherwise the workers should adjust the wiring connection of the motor.

(3) The starting order of the sand maker and the conveying equipment is: materials discharging →sand maker →materials feeding; the crusher should be started without any materials in it and it can be fed into materials after normal operation. The stopping order is opposite to the starting order.

(4) The materials feeding granularity of sand maker should strictly conform to the stipulation, and the materials whose granularity is bigger than the stipulated one are forbidden to be sent in to the crusher, or they will lead to imbalance and over-abrasion of the impeller and even block the impeller passageway and the central material feeding pipe and then the crusher will not be able to work normally. For this reason, if some materials with too large granularity go into the crushing chamber, they should be removed out of the crushing chamber immediately.

(5) If the material discharging device of sand maker stops working, then the workers should immediately stop feeding materials; otherwise the impeller will be damaged and the electric motor might be burned.

(6) The material feeding for the sand maker should be continuous and uniform.

(7) During the operational process of the crusher, there should be no fierce vibration and abnormal noise, if there is any such conditions, the workers should stop the machine and examine it.

(8) The lubrication of the machine is dry oil lubrication and the oil adding amount is one second to two thirds of the empty chamber of the bearing. After the crusher finishes a shift, the workers should add moderate lubricating grease in the machine.

If you can maintain the machine according to the above eight tips, we promise your sand maker will work a very long period of time for you and you will reap a satisfied investment return. As the saying goes, the details determine whether you succeed or fail. So carefully maintain your machine according to the above tips and you will succeed very soon.

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