The Crushing Manner of Impact Crusher

Date: 6/18/2012 2:48:53 AM

The composition of the single rotor impact crusher is relatively simple, and it is mainly composed by the machine rack, driving machine, rotor hammer and the impacting plate. Among them, the rack is made up of the upper rack and the lower rack, and they are connected by the bolt. The part that is on the axial lead of the rotor is called upper rack, on which there are installed the side door and the back door for examination and installation.

impact crusher

The part that is under the axial lead of the rotor is called lower rack, which is fixed on the ground with bolt in order to sustain the weight of the whole machine. All the parts that need to touch the rocks inside the rack are installed with changeable wear-resisting lining board. The impact crusher mainly uses the impacting theory to realize the selective crushing to the materials, so that the granularity of the final products produced by the machine is good and the qualified rate is very high, so that it is often used for the final crushing in the roadbed and road surface which has higher requirement for the aggregates, and it is also used in the crushing and production process in such industries as building materials, chemistry and mining.

The impact crusher mainly relies on the hammer with high rotary speed to impact the materials, and selectively crusher the weak part. The impacted materials will get huge kinetic energy, and after the mutual impact and friction of the impacting plate and the materials, the purpose of further crushing will be achieved and until the final qualified products are screened.

Free crushing in the crushing chamber: the rocks that go into the crushing chamber will be impacted immediately by the hammer on the rotor with high rotary speed, and forms the impacting crushing pattern of the materials and the lining plate and the materials and the materials. The materials that have been crushed will be concentrated in the box-shaped rack, and due to the impacting hammer on the rotor with high rotary speed, the materials will get high movement speed and then high on the rack, and the rack will impact the materials with the force whose size is the same but opposite direction and the materials will be further crushed, which is called “bounce crushing”. Among the crushing manners of the impact crusher, there is another manner that is called “cut crushing”, that is to say, because after being crushed by the above two methods, the materials still cannot be crushed to the size that is suitable for the discharging mouth, then the materials will be cut by the hammer with high rotary speed at the discharging mouth.

With the constant development of the science and technology, the manufacturing technology and materials of the impact crusher will continuously update and change so that it will better satisfy the demands in the modern industry and building industry. As a professional and the best mining machinery manufacturer in China, CME Machinery is always ready to provide the superior dryer machine with the best quality and the most competitive price.