Make Rational Use of Crusher Lubricant

Date: 6/14/2012 12:11:22 AM

One of the most important mechanical machines that are used in the mining machinery industry is crushing machine. Because the crusher realizes materials crushing by means of huge impact force, in the whole crushing process, the machine is especially damaged. In order to minimize the abrasion of the crusher, regular lubrication to the crusher is very necessary. A good lubrication system is an effective way to reduce friction but also to extend the life of cone crusher. However, it needs tricks adding lubricant on the machine, because of improper lubrication will not reduce the crusher abrasion, but will damage the machine. So how should the customers add lubricant to the crusher in the most appropriate way? Now, the experts of CME will explain the methods of making ration use of crusher lubricant.

 crushing machine

The lubrication of crushing machine should always be paid attention to that the lubricant should not be added too much one time, but not too little either. If there is too much lubricant on the machine, the driving force produced by the motor will not be able to be transmitted to the crushing part of the crusher in the best way. However, this part of driving force will have an influence on the lubricant and make it warm. This part of heat will accumulate in the machine and cause damage to the machine. On the contrary, if there is too little lubricant inside the machine, the internal part of the machine will be damaged because of the mutual friction of the spare parts.

Cone crusher uses the grease should be based on use of regions, climate conditions, usually using calcium based, sodium based or calcium base grease. When a dryer machine is ready for grease, thin oil and grease will be available use after reconciling.

Then here is the question: how much lubricant is reasonable after all? According to the experience of the personnel whose work is to maintain the crusher, the most appropriate amount of lubricant is one thirds of the internal space of the machine. In addition, there is another thing that the workers should pay attention to when adding lubricant to the machine. That is to clean the adding mouth of the machine, because if dust goes into the machine when adding lubricant, it is also a huge damage to the machine because the dust will increase the friction force among the internal parts of the equipment.

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