Importance of Quake-proof Function of Ball Mill

Date: 6/13/2012 3:19:12 AM

The catastrophe brought by the earthquake is huge, and when earthquake occurs, what should be first ensured is people's safety. According to the domestic and foreign statistics, since 1910, about 15 million people died in the earthquake in the world. The damage types of the earthquake is almost the same. According to the damaging reasons, the damaging types are mainly mechanical damage, that is to say, the crashing injury, crushing injury and burying stifle caused by the crashing buildings accounts for 95% to 98%. For this reason, it requires that when large-sized ball mill vibrates with the earthquake force, the expansion cylinder should at least not break away from the ground and not cause harm to the workers.

The anti-seismic research of large-sized mechanical equipment mainly concentrates on the spare diesel-electric set and the reactor coolant pump in the nuclear power station. Referring to the anti-seismic analysis of the spare diesel-electric set in the nuclear power station, CME conducts anti-seismic design analysis to large-size ball mill. The main function of the spare diesel-electric set in the nuclear power station is to supply power for the whole nuclear power plant when the normal power supply meets an emergency in order to keep the reactor in a safety state. When an earthquake happens, it requires the the generator set to reach the rated revolution and voltage in the shortest time and accept relevant load, which requires the diesel-electric set has good anti-seismic function and fast start performance. The anti-seismic function of such large-sized mechanical equipment is a very complicated question.

The damaging forms of the earthquake to the large-sized mechanical equipment are mainly as follows:

1. Damaging the strute member of the machine and foundation bolt.

2. Damaging the integrity of the shell and bearing pedestal.

3. Damaging the chaining bolt of the main parts of the large-sized machine.

4. Damaging the subsidiary conduit system.

Although the anti-seismic design of large-sized ball mill is not complicated as that of the diesel-electric set in the nuclear power station, it requires that the cylinder should not cause damage to the sliding bearing and driving system in a common earthquake. The sliding bearing and driving system has a much higher value than that the cylinder, and the sliding bearing should not limit the axial motion of the ball mill cylinder and only the thrust blake can limit it.

ball mill

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