Effectively Improve Sand Maker Production Efficiency with the Three Points

Date: 6/13/2012 3:17:18 AM

Sand maker equipment is the optimum equipment used for producing sand and stone materials in the sand and stone industry, and it has many advantages such as simple structure, stable operation, high working efficiency, convenient repair and maintenance, changing tertiary crushing into secondary crushing, long service life of the hammer and uniform product granularity. And what is more, this machine adopts special steel with high anti-abrasion features so that it has long service life. The sand maker is the key in the artificial sand making process and the strong backup force of stone and sand materials, Compared with natural sand, the artificial sand can conform to the building-use sand more and has higher incorruptibility and durability.

Sand maker

All manufacturing companies hope that their equipment can produce with high efficiency and speed and their equipment will have a good effect and be always in the best state. However, more often than not, because the customers do not know the equipment or do not operate the machine with a proper manner, the equipment cannot work in a good state as we wish. In order to bring the grinding effect of the sand maker into full play, the customers need to fulfill the following three points.

1. Routine inspection to the sand maker. Conduct a complete inspection to the motor of the sand maker every week. The examination content includes the fastening condition of the fixed part, the driving condition of the conveyor, bearing seal, impact lining plate and the abrasion condition of the lining plate.

2. Adjust the rotor and impact lining plate of sand maker. While the sand maker is running, the gap between the rotor and the impact lining plate cannot be adjusted. If the materials stuck between the impacting plate and the plate shell, it is advisable to slightly uplift the impacting shell before readjust the gap, in this way, the clumpy materials will become loose and the impacting shell is easy to be adjusted. If the impacting shell is not sufficient, the worker can slightly pat the draw bar, and the gap between the rotor and the impacting lining can be completed by the adjusting device of the machine. Firstly should loosen the bolt and then turn the long nut and at this time, the draw bar will move upward and finally fix the bolt.

3. Change the easy-wearing parts of sand maker. Before changing the easy-wearing parts of sand maker, the workers should open the rear rack. Firstly dismantle the connection bolt of the rear rack and middle box, and twist it to the hexagon head part with a spanner and slowly open the rack. At the same time, the worker can lift the rack with the hanging device on the machine shell. After the above process is repeated for several times, then the worker can close the rear rack. The worker should timely adjust or change the hammer after the abrasion reaches a certain degree in order to prevent the damage of the fastening part and other parts. Effectively adjust the sand maker, regularly examine the machine and change the abrasive part will certainly extend the service life of sand maker and reach the highest production efficiency.