Five Tendencies of Magnetic Separator in Future Development

Date: 6/7/2012 5:21:56 PM

With the further development of the research work of permanent magnet materials with high performance in domestic and foreign countries, the industrialization of the magnetic separating equipment and the constant optimization and upgrading and perfection of traditional permanent magnetic separator and the machine structure speed up the course of permanent magnetic separator machine gradually replacing the electromagnetism separating equipment.

 Magnetic Separator

With the improvement of the automatic control technology and the wide application of the surveillance technology, the automatic level of the mining machinery production and the customers are requiring more and more to the precision of the magnetic separator in the magnetic minerals separating field. At present, the development of the domestic magnetic separator will go towards the following five directions:

1. Elaboration of the magnetic separating equipment.

Take in consideration the actual needs of the mineral magnetic separating production of the mining companies, the ore beneficiation equipment manufacturing companies constantly improve the disposal quantity of the machines and at the same time, pay more attention to the elaboration design of the spare parts of the magnetic separator. In the magnetism design aspect, many companies introduce more permanent magnetic materials with high performance and at the same time, optimize the design of the magnetic structure, add assisting magnetism, reduce the magnetism leakage phenomenon as much as possible and improve the precision of the separating process.

2. Proprietary of magnetic separator.

The application rang of the magnetic separator is constantly expanding and the elaboration degree of the mineral separation is improving. In addition, the manufacturing companies improve the separating property of the magnetic separator so that it can be widely used in all kinds of industries and the application fields are expanded.

3. The mining equipment has been developing towards large size.

Because the fast development of the mining exploitation course and the increasing demands of the production construction for the mineral resources, the mining equipment manufacturing industry is also constantly expanding. Faced with situation that the common equipment is not able to adapt to the expanding mining production ability, the mining equipment manufacturing companies devote to the research and production of large-sized magnetic separating equipment.

4. Upgrading of the mining machines.

With the development of the social science and technology, the invention of permanent magnet materials with high performance, increasing precision of the machinery processing technology, the constant improving of the assembly technology and the constant perfection and popularization of the automatic control technology, and combined with the actual need of the mining production, the upgrading of the magnetic separating equipment is faster and faster.

5. Equipment Automation.

The development of automatic technology speeds up the industrial development especially the production efficiency, for this reason, the automatic technology of the magnetic separator needs to be constantly strengthened in order to meet the automatic production needs of the mining machinery manufacturing companies.

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