Product Granularity of Impact Crusher and Selection Method

Date: 6/6/2012 5:28:10 PM

The stone crushing equipment is no longer a strange thing for many professionals. The frequently used stone crushing devices in the present market include impact crusher, mobile crusher, cone crusher and jaw crusher. However, the usage of these machines is different. Jaw crusher is mainly used for primary crushing of the stone materials and the final products has large granularity. Since this machine mainly crushes materials with squeezing, the needle and flake shaped products account for a large proportion, so that it is mainly used for the primary crushing.

stone crushing

The biggest advantage of impact crusher is good final product granularity. The impact crusher is able to crusher all kinds of large rocks and ores such as limestone, shale, sandstone and granite into small-sized stone with many edges which has the strongest combination ability with the cement and is the best aggregate for high grade construction project, high building, highway and water conservancy project.

Since the impact crusher adopts the impact crushing principle, when crushing stone with high hardness such as cobble and pebble, the crushing process will be different, then the service life of the hammer board, lining board and even the whole machine will significantly be decreased, or the machine will be seriously damaged. For this reason, the cone crusher will be used to replace the impact crusher. Although the disposable investment of cone crusher is higher than that of impact crusher, the later stage maintenance cost is very low. So seen from long term benefits, this method is able to realize the best production interest.

Then, how do the customers choose the best impact crusher manufacturer?

First of all, choose an impact crusher manufacturer with strong sense of responsibility. The sense of responsibility of an enterprise not only directly influences the product quality, after-sales service, business reputation and the economic interest of the customers, but also means that whether it has long term development strategy, whether constantly improves the research and development level, whether focus on improving the comprehensive quality of the staff and whether conforms to the green development tendency in the modern society. If a company seeks only for the present and short benefits, then it can never be a responsible company. How can a company whose sense of responsibility is not able to reach the standard hold the responsibility for the customers till the end?

Secondly, tracing the source of the spare parts of the impact crusher and choose the professional impact crusher parts manufacturing company. This is very important because more often the spare parts of the impact crusher are damaged very seriously, such as the hammer board and lining board of the impact crusher, so that the abrasion performance of the spare parts directly influences the high-efficient operation, service life and production efficiency of the equipment.

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