The Origin, Actuality and Future of Ball Mill

Date: 6/4/2012 7:18:37 PM

Origin of Ball mill:

In 1891, Knnow and Davidson applied a patent for the first pipe-type ball mill that was able to undertake production consecutively. It is a cylinder with a supporting device on both sides and there are grinding media inside it. The cylinder rotates along the central line of the cement mill, and the grinding media will be brought to a certain height by the frictional force and then fall down. The materials continuously go through the cylinder and are impacted and ground by the grinding media and finally become the qualified products. When the grinding medium is a steel ball, then the grinding mill is called ball mill. If the grinding medium is a steel rod, then the grinding machine is called ball mill.

Ball mill

Actuality of the ball mill in our country:

The ore beneficiation technology in our country is profoundly influenced by the Soviet Union, and in the ore grinding operation, the main crushing equipment are ball mill, only a few plants adopt rod mill in order to protect tungsten, tin, antimony and other fragile minerals. Most of the mining plants use ball mill no matter for primary or fine grinding. This may be resulted by technical habit. Compared with the biggest sphere diameter of the steel ball that is used in ball mill operation in foreign ore dressing plants, we can see that when the specification of ball mill and the ore feeding granularity are the same, the size of the steel ball that is used in ball mill operation in our country is relatively larger, about bigger over 20%, and plus the unreasonable replenish ball regulation, all this lead to the fact the we are using much bigger steel ball compared with that of foreign countries which makes the grinding process worse.

Future development tendency of ball mill:

The coming year will be beneficial for the fast growth of ball mill equipment industry in the whole world, especially as for the ball mill machines manufacturers in China, this development opportunity is hard to come by. For this reason, the mining machinery manufacturing companies have to do a lot of homework, speed up in research, development and innovation of their own products, and establish a complete after sales service network, and at the same time, precisely grasp the market pulse, organize production and distribute resources according to the market demands, optimize the product structure, expand market, increase income and reduce expenditure for better and faster development and it has become the only challenge facing the domestic mining machinery industry. All mining machinery manufacturing companies must seek the development opportunity in the mining ball mill manufacturing industry ahead of time, on one hand, constantly improve the technological service level and consolidate the existing market share, and on the other hand, invest more in research and development and welcome the reforming tide of the industrial equipment with technological innovation.

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