Prophase Trial Work of Jaw Crusher

Date: 6/3/2012 5:25:14 PM

1. Preparation work before the jaw crusher can be put into use.

(1) Carefully examine whether the joint of the toggle plate is sufficient in lubricating grease.

(2) Carefully examine whether all of the fastening pieces are fastened.

(3) Carefully examine whether the driving belt is readily. If unsafe phenomenon is discovered, the belt should be immediately changed. When there is greasy dirt on the driving belt or belt wheel, the grease dirt should be cleansed with the rag.

jaw crusher

(4) Check whether the protective device is readily. Unsafe phenomenon should be timely eliminated once discovered. Check whether there is rock or ore or other foreign materials inside the crushing chamber. If there are some rocks or other foreign materials inside it, they must be cleaned in order to make sure the crushing chamber is started with anything in it.

(5) Check whether the jack bolt is returned, whether the gasket unit is pressed tight and whether the T-shaped bolt is tightened up or not.

2. Starting of the jaw crusher.

(1) After careful examination, the worker can prove that all parts of the machine is in normal condition and then the machine can be started.

(2) The jaw crusher is only allowed to be started without any workload.

(3) Before starting the machine, a ring bell or signal must be given for alarm. And after the crushing equipment is started, if any unsafe phenomenon occurred, the machine must be immediately stopped. Only when the abnormal condition is figured out and eliminated can the crusher be started again.

3. Production and use of the crushing equipment.

(1) Only when the machine can run normally can it be fed materials and put into production. The materials that are going to be crushed should be sent into the crushing chamber in a uniform and even way, and the workers should avoid side feeding or stack feeding in order to prevent one side of the machine or the whole machine sustain overload.

(2) When the crusher is in normal work, the temperature increase of the bearing should not exceed 30℃, and the highest temperature should not be more than 70℃. If the temperature goes beyond the above temperature, the machine should be immediately stopped in order to find out the reason and eliminate the problem.

(3) If there are some materials left in the crushing chamber, the worker should firstly stop feeding materials until the materials inside the crushing chamber are discharged completely, and then he can cut the power. During the materials crushing process, if the machine is stopped because of the material blockage inside the crushing chamber, the worker should immediately cut the power and stop the machine, cleanse the materials inside the crushing chamber and then he is able to start the machine again.

(4) If one end of the jaw plate wears down, the other end can be used. After the machine is used for a period of time, the worker should tight up again the adapter sleeve in order to avoid the loose of the adapter sleeve damaging the machine.

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