Influence Factors during the Process of Ores Crushing

Date: 6/1/2012 6:51:43 PM

It is known to all that the main factors that influence the process of crushing the ores in the crushing equipments include the performance of equipments, the nature of ores, the operating conditions and so on. Here, experts in CME will introduce about these factors on details.


1.Performance of Equipments

The influences of the types, sizes, nip angles, output sizes of the equipments on the efficiency are significant. For the crushers of the same kind, the bigger size is, the higher productivity becomes; the smaller nip angle and the bigger output size are, the smaller reduction rate is, as well as the higher productivity becomes. On the contrary, the smaller nip angle and the smaller output size are, the bigger reduction rate is, as well as the lower productivity becomes. If the nip angle gets too high, the ores will skip to the top when being crushed, which may even cause some dangerous accidents. If the nip angle gets to small, the reduction rate will be too low to meet the need of the crushing process. Thus, the size and position of nip angles must be definitely proper in the crushers.

2.Natures of Ores

The stronger the ores are, the higher will the compression strength be, which will make the ores be tough to be crushed, and lead to a lower production rate; otherwise, a higher production rate. During the process of feeding, the bigger the ores are, the quantity of fragmentation will be needed, and the lower the production rate will be, and vice versa. When there is too much content of water and mud in the ores, the ores will get easy to cohere and jam in the crushing chamber, which will make a large influence on the production rate, even may cause the suspending of crushing. When the machines are crushing the ores of large specific gravity, the production rate will get very high. When the crushers are crushing the ores of developed cleavage, the production rate must be higher than those ores of compact structure.

3.Operating Conditions

A basic condition of normal working of crushers is a constantly averagely feeding. The closed-circuit crushing can add some cyclic load during the process of feeding, which may thining the feed size. The cyclic load plus the crushing can make the just qualified intermediate product. Thus, closed-circuit crushing can improve the production capacity under the condition of high ratio of reduction and high load coefficient. According to different hardness of ores, the production capacity can be improved 15% to 40% when working under the closed-circuit crushing condition. The so-called load coefficient is a percentage between the actual production capacity of the crushers and the prospective production capacity of the crushers, which is a significant mark of whether the crushers have been brought out the potentials.

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