Judgement Standard of Rotary kiln Operate Miss

Date: 5/22/2012 1:24:08 AM

The rotary kiln is the heart of every cement plant. Any failure of the kiln causes a standstill of the Production processing. Additionally, a kiln that was operated for years and had several repairs often behaves like a heart after an attack. It is therefore very essential for the kiln user to care about its mechanical and geometrical condition, which can be achieved by conscious and permanent diagnostics and by preventive measures.

rotary kiln

For the majority of kiln users it is obvious that the basic condition for the correct operation of a kiln is its alignment in support points. This is however only one from many critical parameters that should be monitored. Furthermore, the measurement of the kiln alignment itself may be carried out by different methods offered by various companies. The selection of the diagnostic company often decides the quality and complexity of the service, its usefulness for the kiln user. What does the term complex kiln alignment in dynamic conditions mean? The answer to that question is a simultaneous guidance for what the kiln user should demand from the diagnostic company for the purpose of assuring the highest reliability of its operation.

The issue of kiln alignment in dynamic conditions (during operation) was intensively discussed in magazines like rock products and others some years ago and it is presently known that aligning a kiln during standstill does not give a true image of its geometry.